Racing Against The Wind
Season 1, Episode 7
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Benni Returns the Favour The Sight of Golden

Racing Against the Wind is the seventh episode of the animated series of The Silver Brumby.


A racehorse Ebony, is encouraged by Currawong to challenge Thowra. Ebony evades the Man but he runs into Brolga. Together Ebony and Thowra escape Brolga and get on good terms.


  • Thowra
  • Ebony
  • The Brolga
  • Currawong
  • Storm
  • Boon Boon
  • Arrow
  • Benni
  • Whip Bird
  • Eee and Mu
  • Mrs. Dingo
  • Gang Gangs
  • Warri and Bindi
  • The Man
  • Echo
  • Mopoke