Seeking a Legend
Season 1, Episode 13
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Golden Goes Home Spring


Symbols Edit

IIinga seeks the legendary Thowra. Each of Thowra's friends share information about him, while Thowra visits Golden. IIinga angers Brolga into fighting Thowra, but Thowra leads him to fall into a river.

Characters Edit

  • Thowra
  • Ilinga
  • The Brolga
  • Benni
  • Currawong
  • Mopoke
  • Golden
  • Mrs. Dingo
  • Eagle
  • Warri and Bindi
  • The Man
  • Silky (do not speak flashback)
  • Storm (mentioned)
  • Boon Boon (mentioned)
  • Echo (cameo)
  • Anne (stock-footage flashback)
  • Tom (stock-footage flashback)


Gallery Edit

Videos Edit

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