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The Silver Brumby is an Australian animated children's television series written by Jon Stephens and Judy Malmgren based on Elyne Mitchell's Silver Brumby books. A total of 39 episodes were produced by Media World Features between 1994 and 1998 and was originally broadcast on the Nine Network.

Plot Edit

The series focuses on Thowra, a silver colt, his brothers Storm and Arrow and their friends the bush animals in their continued quest to resist the Men's efforts to capture them.

Characters Edit

Horses Edit

  • Thowra (voiced by John Higginson and Brett Climo) - The "Silver Brumby", and Yarraman's youngest son. A calm, good hearted horse who values his friends. He is often chased by the Man.
  • Storm (voiced by Doug Tremlett) - Older brother of Thowra. A loyal and kind horse who stands by Thowra's side in the event of trouble. Starting in Season 2, it is presumed that Storm left Thowra's gang to form his own herd, as he is only mentioned and never seen.
  • Arrow (voiced by Rhys Muldoon and Stephen Whittaker) - A chestnut brumby and half-brother of Thowra. He is the oldest of Yarraman's three sons. Arrow is an arrogant and jealous horse who seeks an opportunity to prove himself better than Thowra, but often gets himself trapped. Occasionally he will assist Thowra when trouble affects him too. He gets his name from the arrow-shaped marking on his face. It is presumed that Arrow inherited his mean-spirited nature from his mother. According to Benni, there was 'never a mean-spirited mare like her'.
  • Boon Boon (voiced by Rebecca Gibney) - A kind understanding filly and the Brolga's oldest daughter, who loves Thowra and is disturbed by any trouble in the wild.
  • Brolga (voiced by John Stanton) - A very bitter horse who fiercely protects his herd and does not welcome Thowra or his friends. He fought Yarraman, Thowra's father, and defeated him, claiming the title "King of the Cascade Brumbies" in the process.
  • Aranda - A paint-colored horse and the Brolga's favourite mare. She often watches the herd while the Brolga is away.
  • Yooralla - A young foal who joins Thowra's herd. He became lost from his mother and home herd after a storm. His older sister, Gunda, came to take him home, but he decided to stay with Thowra to continue learning the ways of the wild.
  • Yarraman - Thowra, Storm, and Arrow's father, former "King of the Cascade Brumbies". His mate was Bel Bel. Eventually the Brolga killed and succeeded him.
  • Golden - A Palomino filly, brought to the bush by the Man. She is briefly freed by Thora, but decides to return home after she is injured. She escapes later on after hearing rumors of Thowra's leap to death, then returned to the Man after proving the rumors were false.
  • Ebony - The Black Race Horse, who visits the High Country to have a race to beat Thowra.
  • Gunda - A young filly and Yooralla's older sister. She came to the High Country to find her brother after he was lost during a storm. After hearing of his decision to stay, she returns to her home herd in the South.
  • Narrabri - A young foal in Thowra's herd. He and Yooralla are good friends, and spend time playing together. Unfortunately they have a tendency to get into trouble while playing. Narrabri is quite a level-headed youngster - he realizes that they are introuble before Yooralla, and remembers old advice/sayings during times of trouble. Narrabri and Yooralla are some of the first to encounter the Bun-Yip at Misty Lake.
  • Yuri - One of The Brolga's sons. Yuri is a friend of Yooralla's, and sometimes leaves his herd to play with the orphan foal. He doesn't think much of Thowra, having been brought up to think The Silver Brumby is less than his legend. He too gets into trouble while playing with Yooralla.
  • The Prince of the West - A very narcissistic and foolish stranger from the West, who comes to the High Country in search of a mate to take back with him. While Thowra is away, and Arrow is left in charge of the herd, he sets his sights on Boon Boon - but is unlikely to win The Brolga's approval. He returns home to the West after the Brolga chases him off.
  • Boomerang - A young foal from Thowra's gang. He is the only one of the three colts in the gang that escape the capture of the Man.
  • Ilinga - A Brumbie from the South who comes to the High Country in search of Thowra to see if the legends she has heard are true. She wishes to see what Thowra is like and determine if he will make a good King of the Cascade Brumbies.
  • Bel Bel - Thowra's mother, and former mate of Yarraman. She is seen in the opening credits, and appears to have similar coloring to Thowra and Golden.
  • Rocky and Woomera - Two colts from Thowra's herd who foolishly follow Arrow when fleeing from a brumby hunt. As a result, they are captured, and become too used to the food given to them by The Man to want to return to the wild.
  • Anda - One of the Brolga's daughters. Anda and Moolie caused Aranda to fall over a cliff one day when running away after a snake scare. They go to fetch help to free Aranda.
  • Moolie - One of The Brolga's sons. He doeasn't have much luck with snakes, often finding himself a target of them. He and Anda almost cause Aranda terrible trouble while bolting from a snake.
  • Echo - The Man's black horse. Echo has chased Thowra all over the High Country. It is clear that he respects Thowra in the way he speaks of him. He is loyal to The Man, and is renowned as the strongest, fastest stock horse in the district.
  • Snowy - Charlie's white horse.

Other animalsEdit

  • Currawong (voiced by Michael Carman) - A chattering observant bird, and Brolga's official spy.
  • Wombat (voiced by Michael Carman) - A grumpy, griping wombat who goes on a path without looking ahead and blaming both humans and animals for making his progress difficult. His weakness into helping others is flattery and pestering. He has a wife and two children.
  • Mrs. Dingo (voiced by Marg Downey) - A Dingo who is a mother of two pups - Bindi and Warri. She is wary of any danger that comes in the bush and has a lot of respect for Thowra.
  • Benni (voiced by Bud Tingwell) - An old grey Kangaroo and a close friend of Thowra's. He has a wife named Silky, and a daughter. He also narrates the series.
  • Mopoke (voiced by Michael Carman) - A wise ow who gives advice to Thowra and his friends but talks in poetic rhyming couplets.
  • Eee and Mu (voiced by Richard Aspel and Marg Downey) - A couple of loudmouth emus who gossip and mostly talk to each other.
  • Skink - A small green skink who never speaks or makes noise. He is very accident prone.
  • Eagle - A Wedge-tailed eagle who is occasionally seen as a background character throughout the series. He only spoke briefly in the episode 'Seeking A Legend' to Ilinga, and during the latter part of the series, hunts after Currawong.
  • Silky - (voiced by Marg Downey) - A female grey Kangaroo, and Benni's wife.
  • Warri and Bindi - Mrs. Dingo's two young pups. The two of them have noses for trouble, but are eager to play with Thowra and the members of his herd. They slowly begin to learn the ways of the High Country to avoid capture by the Trappers that come to hunt Dingos.
  • Whip Bird - She is to Thowra what Currawong is to The Brolga. The small green bird comes to tell Thowra what she has heard if it is something of consequence. She is a good-natured creature, though she seems to enjoy baiting Arrow in the same way as Mopoke. She finishes her every sentence with a spirited "WHIP!"
  • Gang Gangs - These noisy birds from the first few inches of the bush grapevine. Their loud, repetitive cries are usually nothing but gossip. Though ignore it at your peril: sometimes they are the very very first to report when danger has arrived in the High Country. At the first sign of danger they fly up into the air crying "DANGER! DANGER! BEWARE! BEWARE! WARNING! WARNING!"
  • Benni and Silky's daughter - A young joey who spends a lot of time sitting in Silkie's pouch. She is caught in a dingo trap and injured. The Old Prospector helps her to recover. During her time healing she becomes too used to his ways and is at first reluctant to leave him.
  • Razorback - A vicious Razorback came to the low country and begun to attack the local animals. It badly injured Golden but was later chased into the sea by Mopoke and the Gang Gangs.
  • Mrs. Wombat - is a wife of Wombat.
  • Baby Wombats- is a children of Mr. and Mrs. Wombat


  • The Man (voiced by Richard Aspel) - An unnamed human who spends much of the year in his hut in the High Country. He frequently tries to catch brumbies - particularly Thowra. He rides his own personal black horse named Echo. Despite his urge to catch Thowra, he also comes to respect the Silver Brumby for his elusiveness. He gains a new appreciation for Thowra and Boon-Boon after they free him from an avalanche.
  • The Prospector (voiced by Edward Hepple) - A kind and generous man who has lived in the bush for a very long time. He pans for gold in the river and aids the animals as often as he can spare.
  • Charlie - Don's son, and the Old Prospector's grandson - a kind, generous boy who loves the bush and animals as much as his grandfather. His personal horse is a white, gray-maned stallion named Snowy.
  • The Trappers - A pair of men who come to the High Country to trap and shoot animals, particularly Dingos. They end up catching Currawong and Mopoke at some point, but are chased off from their camp afterwards. The Man sets Mopoke and Currawong free. After some time of being lost in the High Country, the Trappers leave, presumably to go hunt animals elsewhere.
  • Don - Charlie's father and the Old Prospector's son-in-law. Don is a stockman who comes to the High Country to hunt brumbies. He seems very single-minded when it comes to money, and is unable to see Charlie's unhappiness with the way he makes his living. Don and the Old Prospector don't get on very well as they clash over Don's choice to hunt brumbies.
  • Charlie's mother - Charlie's mother and Don's wife only mentioned in the animated series of The Silver Brumby episode: "To Catch a Brumby.
  • Bob - A friend of the Man, and fellow stockman. He is sometimes involved in brumby hunts in the High Country and uses Dead Horse Hut as a base.
  • Anne - A sensible young girl who goes skiing on the High Country trails during winter. Along with Tom, she sees Thowra in the snow, and has heard his legends. When Tom is hurt, she follows Thowra and Boon Boon to Dead Horse Hut where she is able to lead the Man back to where Tom is waiting.
  • Tom - A youngster who goes skiing in the High Country in winter. He sees Thowra while skiing and decides it would be great if he and Anne managed to catch him. Unfortunately he is injured trying to approach Thowra when he falls down a cliff. He is saved by Thowra and Boon Boon when they lead Anne to find the Man.


Episodes Edit

Screenshot Original Title Written by

release date

Episode number #
150px "Friends of the High Country" Jon Stephens and Judy Malmgren 29 October 1994 #01
Thowra befriends Boon Boon. Later he tries to save his small herd from the Man, but he manages to capture two foals. Thowra then gets chased by Brolga, Arrow left to face his wrath.
150px "Wombats to the Rescue" Jon Stephens and Judy Malmgren 5 November 1994 #02
Determined to prove courage, Arrow tries to rescue the captured foals, but gets himself caught along with Storm by the Man. Thowra convinces the wombats to help them rescue them.
150px "Lost in the Snow" Jon Stephens and Judy Malmgren 30 November 1994 #03
In the middle of winter, two skiing children Tom and Anne fall and get lost in a ravine. Thowra leads Anne to the Man to rescue them.
150px "Flight To Freedom" Jon Stephens and Judy Malmgren 7 December 1994 #04
The Man embarks on a new hunt for the wild horses. With the combined efforts of Boon Boon, Storm, Arrow, Thowra and Brolga they all manage to elude capture.
150px "The Old Prospector Saves a Friend" Jon Stephens and Judy Malmgren 19 December 1994 #05
The Trappers come to shoot dingoes for their tails. The traps they set are a danger to other animals too. A Prospector is giving the animals a helping hand against this threat, especially Benni and Silky's injured daughter.
150px "Benni Returns the Favour" Jon Stephens and Judy Malmgren 20 December 1994 #06
Benni and Silky reclaim their daughter from the Prospector. Thowra gets caught in a chase by the Man barely escaping. Meanwhile, the prospector has a nasty fall and Benni requests Thowra to the lead the Man to him.
150px "Racing Against the Wind" Jon Stephens and Judy Malmgren 4 January 1995 #07
A racehorse Ebony, is encouraged by Currawong to challenge Thowra. Ebony evades the Man but he runs into Brolga. Together Ebony and Thowra escape Brolga and get on good terms.
150px "The Sight of Golden" Jon Stephens and Judy Malmgren 19 January 1995 #08
The Man has brought to the country a Palomino Filly named Golden. This catches the attention of Thowra. With help from Storm, Thowra frees Golden into the wild.
150px "Golden in Trouble" Jon Stephens and Judy Malmgren 5 March 1995 #09
While Golden learns about and enjoys the country and meeting new friends, the Man seeks to reclaim her. Golden is almost cornered by the Man, but Thowra arrives to divert him.
150px "A Wombat on the Road" Jon Stephens and Judy Malmgren 10 March 1995 #10
Men with a bulldozer have come to clear a path, through the high country. An accident diverts the stream. The prospector sorts out the problem and rescues Wombat's missing son.
150pxFire "Fire" Jon Stephens and Judy Malmgren 20 March 1995 #11
The Trappers have returned, but the area catches fire from their camp. Arrow does not take heed and gets trapped, but Thowra rescues him and the emus. The fire is finally out when the rain comes.
150px "Golden Goes Home" Jon Stephens and Judy Malmgren 3 April 1995 #12
A razorback enters the high country. The Man goes out to hunt that boar after it took his cattle. Golden feels vulnerable, so she returns to the Man. The animals manage to drive the boar away.
150px "Seeking a Legend" Jon Stephens and Judy Malmgren 10 April 1995 #13
IIinga seeks the legendary Thowra. Each of Thowra's friends share information about him, while Thowra visits Golden. IIinga angers Brolga into fighting Thowra, but Thowra leads him to fall into a river.
150px "Spring" Jon Stephens and Judy Malmgren 10 September 1996 #14
Thowra has an odd sensation he is being followed by something. Then Thowra rescues Arrow from Brolga and finds the follower is a lost orphaned foal named Yooralla and he adopts him.
150px "To Catch a Brumby" Jon Stephens and Judy Malmgren 19 September 1996 #15
Thowra raises Yooralla and teaches him about the high country. The Prospector's son captures Boon Boon. Thowra follows their trail down the plains to begin a rescue attempt.
150px "Swimming to Safety" Jon Stephens and Judy Malmgren 22 September 1996 #16
Charlie frees Boon Boon and Thowra leads her back to safety in the High County. After taking refuge on an island in the middle of a fast-flowing river, Thowra and Boon Boon await rescue by Arrow.
150px "A Leap Into Legend" Jon Stephens and Judy Malmgren 30 September 1996 #17
Mrs Dingo's son Warri goes missing and Thowra, Boon Boon and Benni help to look for him. They eventually find the missing dingo pup in a hidden valley. Thowra later uses this valley to evade the Man.
150px "Charlie Heads for the Mountains" Jon Stephens and Judy Malmgren 19 December 1996 #18
After doing his chores, Charlie rides off to meet his grandfather. Charlie is stranded on a cliff ledge, but Thowra summons the Prospector to rescue him.
150px "Charlie Helps a Friend" Jon Stephens and Judy Malmgren 27 December 1996 #19
While trying to follow Thowra during a storm, Yooralla gets into trouble but is rescued by the Old Prospector and his grandson Charlie.
150px "In it Together" Jon Stephens and Judy Malmgren 29 December 1996 #20
Currawong and Mopoke get caught in a trap set by the two trappers.
150px "Trappers Go Home" Jon Stephens and Judy Malmgren 7 September 1997 #21
Thowra and Benni organise the creatures of the High Country to help drive-out the two trappers once and for all.
150px "A Wombat in Trouble" Jon Stephens and Judy Malmgren 8 September 1997 #22
One of Wombat's babies gets knocked over by the Trapper's jeep. Charlie takes him to be cared by his grandfather.
150px "Wombat Goes on Holiday" Jon Stephens and Judy Malmgren 9 September 1997 #23
The Wombats go on a holiday but goes back to help a new brumby Gunda and save Thowra from Brolga.
150px "Arrow Makes a Friend" Jon Stephens and Judy Malmgren 12 September 1997 #24
Yooralla and Gunda are finally reunited. During a run in with Brolga, Arrow accidentally comes to their rescue.
150px "Arrow Goes South" Jon Stephens and Judy Malmgren 14 September 1997 #25
While Arrow and Yoorella look for a migrating Gunda, the Man in pursuit. Arrow is almost captured, but manages to shake off the Man.
150px "Golden Returns" Jon Stephens and Judy Malmgren 15 September 1997 #26
Golden returns to the High Country, then escapes and finds Thowra. They then rescue the Trappers who crashed down from a hot air balloon.
150px "Long Hot Summer" Jon Stephens and Judy Malmgren 1 August 1998 #27
Currawong breaks the Man's mirror, which causes the sun to start a fire. Thowra and his friends rescue Golden with unexpected help from Currawong.
150px "An Unwelcome Stranger" Paul Williams 3 August 1998 #28
An escaped lion frightens the High Country animals. Thowra gets the lion trapped in a pit, then helps him get home.
150px "Foals in Trouble" Jon Stephens and Judy Malmgren 5 August 1998 #29
Yooralla and Yuri disregard Thowra's warning and get trapped in a flooding gorge, until lightning strikes the dam away. Meanwhile another lightning cause Currawong and Mopoke to swap bodies temporarily.
150px "The Brolga Wants a Fight" Jon Stephens and Judy Malmgren 10 August 1998 #30
Brolga has to stop his fight with Thowra in order to help Aranda. Mopoke provides Aranda directions to save herself.
150px "Charlie Saves the Brumbies" Jon Stephens and Judy Malmgren 16 August 1998 #31
Arrow returns to the high country. Chased by Brolga, Arrow unwittingly helps Charlie to prevent the Brumbies getting caught.
150px "Emus Get a Break" Jon Stephens and Judy Malmgren 19 August 1998 #32
After a tangle with an Echidna, one of the emus has laid an egg. It turns out to be a gold nugget.
150px "Trapped in the Snow" Jon Stephens and Judy Malmgren 20 August 1998 #33
The man's prized bull breaks loose and rampages across the high country, until Thowra helps the man to catch him.
150px "Youngsters' Winter Woes" Jon Stephens and Judy Malmgren 25 August 1998 #34
Yooralla and Narrabri are trapped in the ice gorge and Wombat is stranded on an ice lake. Thowra comes to their rescue.
150px "An Unexpected Encounter" Paul Williams 29 August 1998 #35
Arrow is getting flustered from the harsh winter. The prospector gets trapped in his own house buried in snow. Thowra heads south to summon help, which Arrow is in need later.
150px "The Cave of Wonder" Paul Williams 1 September 1998 #36
After an earthquake occurs, Arrow hides in the waterfall cave from the Man. Thowra learns his destiny as he searches for Arrow. Brolga pursues them but the wombats unwittingly help them.
150px "A Bothersome Nuisance" Paul Williams 9 September 1998 #37
While Arrow is looking after Thowra's herd, a new ill-mannered brumby from the west wants Boon Boon for a mate. After a run in with the Man, Brolga drives the new brumby away.
150px "Getting Together" Paul Williams 11 September 1998 #38
Arrow assumes leadership over the herd, taking them to Misty Lake, where some mysterious creature lingers revealed by Thowra to be a Bunyip. Brolga swears revenge after Currawong informs him.
150px "The Final Encounter" Paul Williams 17 September 1998 #39
Brolga challenges Thowra hearing that Boon Boon is his mate, which also arouses envy in Arrow. Thowra takes the challenge and eventually emerges victorious and banishing the Brolga from the High Country.

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Release The Animated Adventures of The Silver Brumby on DVD The Complete Series 1 DVD in 2006 and all these Volume 1-6 VHS in 1997 Australia on As many of you know, The Animated Adventures of The Silver Brumby is not available to buy on DVD. As of 29/4/2011 only the first series has been released in its entirety, with a bonus episode from series two, on Region 4 DVD format. Nine episodes have to date been released on Region 2 format.

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