Thowra known as The Silver Stallion, The Silver Brumby, and Son of the Wind, is a palomino Brumby stallion, born to a palomino mother, Bel Bel, and a chestnut father, Yarraman. Thowra means wind, and he was named for the wild wind that blew the night he was born. His main "silver" herd, hidden in his secret valley, consisted of Boon boon, a grey daughter of the Brolga, and Golden, a palomino mare stolen from the stockmen. It is unknown how many other mares joined them in the secret valley, but it would be safe to assume the two other unnamed grey daughters of Brolga also dwelled there. He has sired many foals, including these more well-known (and named) few:

Lightning (palomino stallion)

Kunama (means snow; palomino mare)

Jillamatong (stated as being a creamy mare with dark points and dark mane and tail, most likely buckskin; known as Jilla)

Wanga (same colour and gender as Jillamatong)

Wirramirra (means wind; palomino colt)

As well as his Grandson Baringa (palomino colt, details given suggest he looks more so like Thowra than his own son Lightning.)

There are theories that Thowra dies in "Silver brumby whirlwind" or in "Son of the whirlwind", and given the life expectancy of wild mountain brumbies it is possible.

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